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Thermal processing operations and technology by Bepex includes everything from continuous flash drying a high moisture organic wet cake to long residence time vessels to meet PPM final product moisture requirements. Each of our thermal process systems go beyond solids drying. Each system can carry out several operations, including cooling, heating, reacting, devolatililization, and crystallizing.

The consistency and composition of your material are key in determining the best thermal process system for your application. Organic high-moisture wet cakes require rapid drying and lower material temperatures, which best suits flash drying. Solvent laden polymers often require inert processing environments, making efficient indirect operations more suitable. Having a thorough understanding of your material properties is the foundation for designing an optimized thermal processing system for your application.


  • Remove moisture from organic materials to prevent bacterial growth
  • Safely remove volatile organic compounds from solids
  • Induce and control a time and temperature material reaction


Our range of operations and application experience provides a strong foundation to begin developing your thermal process system. We have application experience across a range of industries, materials, and consistencies. Learn more about some of our common operations to see if it will fit your process needs.

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Thermal processing equipment by Bepex includes everything from dispersion dryers for continuous slurry drying of high moisture materials, to paddle dryers for wet cake drying, to fluid bed dryers and reactors to meet low-moisture (PPM) final product requirements.

Our diverse portfolio of thermal processing products means we can better fit your needs, rather than trying to fit your needs into a single technology. Each of our thermal and separation technologies are available in our Process Development Center for testing, proof of concept, optimization, or custom toll processing. Learn more about each of our proprietary technologies below.

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