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Fine particles used to be the accepted end result of powder processing systems. A necessary evil. Difficult to handle, costly to transport, dangerous in certain environments, and a general nuisance and safety hazard for personnel. As concerns about safety, product quality, environmental impact, and handling efficiencies increase, Bepex has emerged as an industry leader in the development and design of various process solutions to turn your fine powders into larger particles through agglomeration.

Particle agglomeration is the act of producing larger granules (agglomerates) from fine powders. It often results in a dust-free, flowable granule or particle for easier in-plant handling. Criteria such as solubility, strength, and attrition resistance factor into the design and development of any agglomeration system.

Over the last century, Bepex has developed a unique expertise in developing and designing agglomeration processes which can help you make a significant improvement in the way you process your materials. Whether you want to turn your waste stream into valuable product, to eliminate hazardous dust from your processing environment, or to improve handling and transportation efficiencies which ultimately reduce your cost, you can rely on Bepex to help get your project up and running.


  • Produces agglomerates of a specified size, density, strength, and dissolution rate
  • Makes use of nuisance dust, often turning a waste stream into value added product
  • De-dusts fine powders for more efficient and comfortable handling
  • Densifies fine powders providing easier transportation and more consistent metering


Our most common agglomeration processes are designed to enact a final particle specification, whether it’s shape, density, or dispersion qualities. Our base of knowledge provides a strong foundation for developing an agglomeration system to best fit your process needs. Utilizing both wet (binder addition) or dry (pressure) agglomeration, we are able to offer a variety of operations to best suit your processing needs.

Learn more about our most common processes to see if how it may fit your application.


Agglomeration processing equipment by Bepex includes everything from high pressure briquetting and granulation, to low pressure extrusion and high-shear wet agglomeration. Pair our wet agglomeration systems with our thermal products for a complete continuous process system.

Our diverse portfolio of agglomeration products means we can better fit your needs, rather than trying to fit your needs into a single technology. Each of our agglomeration and mixing technologies are available in our Process Development Center for testing, proof of concept, optimization, or custom toll processing. Learn more about each of our proprietary technologies below.

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