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Our dairy industry experience is largely based in solids processing, including cheese processing and instant milk powders. Our continuous cottage cheese system outputs a high-quality cottage cheese, using less water, energy, and labor input. The Bepex Extructor has long been used as a sanitary block grinder, able to reduce large blocks, wheels, or drums of cheese down to decrease the melt and cooking time for blending.


Cottage Cheese

Produce a high-quality cottage cheese using less energy, water, and labor.

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Cheese Block Grinding

Efficiently reduce large blocks, wheels, or drums of natural and processed cheeses ahead of cooking and blending.

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Our continuous dairy systems do not start and end with the above listings. Bepex technology is used each day in the production of dairy or dairy based products, including instant milk powders, calcium enhancements, and more. Our operations below provide a glimpse into some of the technologies we can carry out in designing a process system for your material.

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